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Truth about England’s beauty

Truth about England’s beauty
By: sport Posted On: May 15, 2021 View: 42

Truth about England’s beauty

Being backed by an oppressive regime takes the gloss off the Premier League champions

You cannot tell the truth about beauty in England without the ugliest people in the country threatening you. The National Trust is the custodian of the beautiful best of the nation’s heritage. Let it compile a historical record on how many of the stately homes of England were connected to the slave trade and Conservative MPs demand a Putinesque “panel of patriots” to purge “elitist bourgeois liberals” from cultural life.

Our Orwellian culture secretary, Oliver Dowden, feeds the beasts in his base as he delivers lectures on what versions of history we must remember. Meanwhile, the trustees of museums are told to sign “loyalty pledges” backing government policies. All because researchers challenge the prejudices of the ruling party by accurately describing British history.

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